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"At the Autism Society of Orange County we are here to help!

sup_anm.gif (3422 bytes) We want to build bridges of understanding and
make a difference in the lives of families faced
with the disability of autism and the professionals
that serve them. We can offer support through:
bSQor.jpg (896 bytes) Our support group meetings which are free to anyone who wishes to attend. We would love to meet you! Click the "Meetings" link below for a complete listing.
We can also offer bi-lingual support.
bSQor.jpg (896 bytes) One on one support. Do you have an immediate need or question that just can not wait? Or maybe you just need to speak with another parent who understands, we are here for you! Click on the "Contact" link below for phone or e-mail connections.
bSQor.jpg (896 bytes) Distribution of the latest information on all aspects of autism, including high functioning, sensory issues, and educational rights.
bSQor.jpg (896 bytes) Books, pamphlets, audio and video tapes relating to autism available for you to borrow.
bSQor.jpg (896 bytes) Advocacy. We can offer personal experience and and first hand information, or we can put you in touch with appropriate individuals or organizations.
bSQor.jpg (896 bytes) Sponsorship of seminars and conferences, both at the local and state level.

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For Autism & Related Disorder Publications

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